Stanley B. Goldenberg

Stanley B. Goldenberg is a hurricane research meteorologist located in Miami, Florida. His hurricane-related research has included developing and implementing significant improvements to some of the numerical hurricane prediction models. In addition, he has examined the various climatic factors that influence the variability of hurricane activity in the Atlantic from intraseasonal to multi-decadal time scales. In particular, he has done extensive research into the physical mechanisms responsible for the connection between El Niño and Atlantic hurricane activity.

Goldenberg has participated in research flights into nearly 20 hurricanes. His interest and experience in hurricane disaster preparedness was greatly increased when his home was destroyed as his family experienced the full force of Hurricane Andrew (1992). His family’s Andrew experience has been featured in TV specials done by National Geographic, PBS, the Discovery Channel, BBC and others. He has authored several scientific papers and has been a regular speaker at numerous hurricane preparedness, insurance and scientific conferences.