Obama’s War on Affordable Energy

Myron Ebell is director of the Center for Energy & Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and president of Freedom Action, a Web-based grassroots activist group dedicated to putting freedom on the offensive. He also chairs the Cooler Heads Coalition—28 nonprofit groups (including The Heartland Institute) that oppose global warming alarmism and energy-rationing policies. The Business Insider named Ebell third on its list of the Ten Most-Respected Global Warming Skeptics. Seven Members of the British House of Commons introduced a resolution condemning him “in the strongest possible terms.” Greenpeace featured him in its Field Guide to Climate Criminals. And Rolling Stone named him a top “Misleader” on global warming along with Senator James Inhofe and the late novelist Michael Crichton. Eric Pooley devoted a chapter of his 2010 book, The Climate War, to Ebell’s talk at a previous Heartland ICCC. In discussing efforts to defeat cap-and-trade legislation, Professor Michael Mann said, “Ebell and his ilk were basically successful in delaying action by 10 years.”

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