ICCC9 Media Coverage

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Inside the Global Warming Skeptics Conference
American Thinker

Heartland’s 9th International Conference on Climate Change: A Skepticism Tipping Point?
Roy Spencer

Getting the right answer
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Heartland Institute Conference: CO2 Rise Increases Biodiversity, Crop Yields

Opening Remarks by Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change
Digital Journal

Scientists Converge on Las Vegas Climate Skeptics Conference
The New American

Rappers, Congressmen, Comedians Gather at Conference of Climate Change Skeptics

Greenpeace Showcases its Anti-Human Side

John Coleman Speaks at Las Vegas Climate Change Conference
KUSI-TV, San Diego

Climate Change Skeptics Meet In Las Vegas
KXNT-TV (CBS affiliate), Las Vegas

The ’97 Percent’ Straw Man Revisited

Heartland Institute Conference Shows the Growing Power of Climate Realism
Washington Examiner

Ninth International Conference on Climate Change

Live From Heartland Climate Conference, Wrap Up
William M. Briggs

Live From Heartland Climate Conference, Day Two
William M. Briggs

The Climate Consensus is Not 97% – it’s 100%
Watts Up With That

Climate Freedom in Las Vegas
World Net Daily

Ex-Greenpeace Member Scared of Imminent ‘Global Cooling’
Russia Today

International Climate Skeptics Gather in Las Vegas
Sonoran News

Who Benefits from Overblown Climate Change Forecasts?
World Magazine

Searching for the Truth About Climate Change
Valley Daily Press (Nevada)

Climate Change ‘Realists” Meet in Las Vegas
Canada Free Press

Media Matters Smear of ICCC9 Speakers = Epic FAIL

Greenpeace “Heretic”: CO2 Good; Greenpeace “Anti-human” (Video)
The New American

Claims of Global Warming Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
The Global Warming Racket

Lord Christopher Monckton — Climate Change and the New World Order
Press for Truth

InternationalConference on Climate Change
Power for USA

Heartland Institute’s ‘Skeptic’ Climate Conference on free live-stream July 7–9
The Prairie Star