Gernot Patzelt is an Austrian glaciologist. He graduated in 1968 with a PhD in Geography from the University of Innsbruck, and in the following years worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Meteorology (1968-70), Assistant Professor at the Institute of Geography (1970 – 79), achieved Habilitation in geography at the Faculty of Science, University of Innsbruck (1979), was Head of the Research Institute for High Mountain Research and Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl (1980 – 99), and Associate Professor of High Mountain Research (1992). According to his personal website (archived as of March, 2005), Patzelt has been retired since October, 2004.

According to his profile at the Austrian Academy of Sciences website, Patzelt’s research focus is in “Glacier and climate history research,” “Mass movements (landslides, fluvial Sedimentationsereignisse),” “Historic natural and cultural landscape development in alpine areas,” and “Participation in projects of Antarctic Research.”