Green Eggs and Scam: The Myth of Green Jobs

Gabriel Calzada Alvarez has been associate professor of economics at King Juan Carlos University in Spain since 2004. Since 2007 he has been in charge of the applied economics courses at the Environmental Science Faculty. Calzada is also visiting professor at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala. In March 2005 he became founder-president of the classical liberal think tank Instituto Juan de Mariana (IJM), winner of the 2008 John Templeton Freedom Award for the achievements of a young institute. After four years of activities, the IJM has one of the best media-impact track records in Europe with an average of 3.5 media hits per day. It co-organizes a master in Austrian Economics program and runs a research center and a business cycle observatory. Calzada is also vice-director of the Austrian School-oriented scholarly Procesos de Mercado. He is adjunct scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute (Auburn, Alabama) and fellow of the Centre for the New Europe (Brussels, Belgium). In the past he has been intern at the Acton Institute (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and research fellow at the Mises Institute. Calzada has published academic articles in publications such as The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Procesos de Mercados, Economic Affairs, La Ilustración Liberal, Oppidum and Libros de Economía y Empresa. He has also published more than 300 economic op-eds in journals including Expansión, El Mundo, Libertad Digital, La Razón, Época, and Washington Times and frequently appears on national television and radio.

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