Some Historical Ice Observations and Possible Future Ice Conditions in the Arctic

Fred Goldberg is associate professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and an authority on polar history and exploration. He has been an invited lecturer at more than a dozen universities around the world and has participated in numerous conferences worldwide with papers about thermal cutting, mechanized welding, laser processing, and seam tracking systems. He has published in more than 12 languages on those topics as well as on polar history and exploration. In 1966, he participated in the Stockholm University Svalbard Expedition with Prof. Valter Schytt and Prof. Gunnar Hoppe. In 2004 he formed an informal international network to study and distribute information about climate change and global warming. In 2006 he was appointed Secretary General for an International Climate Seminar at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has been a frequent lecturer on climate change at civic organizations, on television programs, and to such wideranging groups as the Travellers Club, the Swedish Parliament, California Institute of Technology, Linköpings University, University of Copenhagen, Liberalni Institute, University of Leiden, the 9th International Conference on Arctic Mining (Norway), the 260 Club (Tucson, Arizona), and Alandia People’s Education Center.

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